Top Child Plans offered by LIC

A youngster plan not just empowers guardians to monetarily verify the fate of their kids, yet in addition goes about as the gatekeeper if there should be an occurrence of the nonappearance of the genuine parent. LIC Child Insurance Plans guarantee guardians of their capacity to be a mindful supplier for their youngsters and certification a monetarily steady future. 


Here are the essential highlights of LIC Child Plans: 


'Waiver of Premium' rider, which is an in-constructed highlight of each LIC tyke Plan, guarantees that the protected, that is the kid, ends up qualified for the pre-decided whole safeguarded alongside the collected enthusiasm for instance of the unexpected passing of the policyholder amid the approach term. Not simply that, the future premiums will be deferred off, while the arrangement would proceed as it would have had the policyholder been alive. 


The 'suspension highlight, offered with some LIC Child Plans, empowers the policyholder the advantage of deferring the hazard inclusion to a couple of years after the beginning of the approach residency. This is normally relevant when the youngster is the protected. In the event of the passing of the tyke amid the postponement time frame, the premiums paid till date are returned on the grounds that life inclusion was not relevant amid this term. 


The 'vesting' include makes the protected youngster qualified for become the policyholder at a certain pre-decided age as the LIC Child Plan vests in his/her name. The vesting age is normally 18 years.

Top Child Plans offered by LIC

Let’s take a look at the LIC Child Plans.

LIC Jeevan tarun Plan

The Jeevan Tarun Plan is a taking an interest, non-connected constrained premium installment plan that is a solid blend of protection and reserve funds for your tyke's future. It is a powerful protection plan that will empower you to satisfy his/her fantasies of admission to the favored training course, inn charges and different costs. 

Remarkable highlights and advantages: 

  • It is a conventional youngster plan that is a mix of Endowment Plan and Money Back Plan. 
  • A parent or grandparent of a kid somewhere in the range of 0 and 12 years old can turn into the policyholder 
  • There is no top on the most extreme whole guaranteed for the arrangement 
  • Adaptable premium installment alternatives, alongside a free lock-in time of as long as 15 days, in order to empower the policyholder to restore the approach on the off chance that it doesn't meet his/her targets. 
  • Offers LIC premium waiver advantage rider 
  • The credit can be benefited against the arrangement simply after it has achieved a give up esteem 
  • It incorporates a yearly survival advantage for kids between matured somewhere in the range of 20 and 24 years. It is accessible in four classes extending from 5% to 15% like clockwork on the aggregate guaranteed. 
  • Offers development advantage after the approach term of a limit of 25 years less section age. It ranges from 25% to 100% of the entirety guaranteed. This can shift based on the chose choice. 
  • The arrangement winds up invalid and void if there should be an occurrence of suicides amid the approach term. 
  • Survival advantages are accessible under four choices which can extend from 5% to 15%, for the whole guaranteed each year for a long time. 
  • This survival advantage is payable every year to the policyholder, starting from the consummation of 1 year of the arrangement. 
  • Extra rider is accessible on an extra premium installment. 
  • On the first unrepaid premium installment, the strategy can be restored inside 2 years on installment of discontinuance charges. 
  • Tax reductions are relevant under Section 80C and development advantages can be profited under Section 10(10D) of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

LIC New Children’s Moneyback Plan

You can apply for a LIC Child Plan in two different ways – on the web or through wholesalers. 


Online Procedure: 


  • Visit the official site of LIC and top off the online structure that incorporates some basic individual subtleties like name, date of birth, yearly salary, number of wards, email ID, contact number, state, nation and stick code to enable their master agents to connect with you. Then again, you can click here to get to the structure. 


There are some LIC protection designs that can be connected online as it were. Visit the official entrance to get to the rundown or snap here to be diverted to the rundown. 

On the off chance that you need to apply for a LIC Child Plan from the above show, you need to pursue these means: 


  • Visit the LIC site to apply for the arrangement. 
  • Pick the inclusion according to your inclination 
  • The payable premium will show up on the screen dependent on the inclusion picked by you 
  • Pay online through charge/Mastercard or net banking to finish the procedure of the issuance of your picked LIC Child Plan 


Disconnected Procedure: 

On the off chance that you need to select a LIC Child Plan that can't be acquired on the web, you can contact their dealers, specialists, banks, and so forth to empower the master experts help you with the application procedure.